YOUR KICK-A$$ Business


Hi, I'm Stephanie Michelle...
a seasoned attorney turned success coach for sassy entrepreneurs...
and I want to help you cover your A$$ets so you can kick-A$$ IN business and IN life!


I have never been the typical attorney. I wear my heart on my sleeve, I genuinely love people and have always wanted to make a difference and see people living the successful happy life that they were meant to. Not to mention that I love wearing fun bright and sparkling clothing, even if I am in the courtroom.

I was a successful managing partner for a firm at the young age of 23. I did everything from drafting and preparing contracts and documents, representing clients in criminal and family law matters and then I became a Deputy District Attorney. I was prosecuting and trying murders, vehicular homicides and every type of violent felony you could think of and I handled 6,000 cases in 6 years. In societies view, I was what everyone would consider successful and efficient, a getter done kind of woman and had many great accomplishments at a very young age. Yet I felt unhappy, unfulfilled, drained and disconnected from relationships and people. After almost a decade of practicing law I was sick of how I felt and sick of how legal clients were being treated. I got into law to help people and I felt like I was not making a difference to anyone.

After going through my own personal development and soul journey, I learned that I had another passion, and that was for coaching and helping people get what they want in life and for developing real connections with people. I realized that I did not have to fit in the box of what a typical attorney does. I wanted to make a difference and I wanted to be my sparkly and sassy self. I busted through the mold, designing a livelihood that embraces my heart centered coaching and my legal and analytical gifts to help other entrepreneurs build a successful business and have the life that they say they want.

As a Holistic Attorney and Success Coach I provide coaching for the already successful entrepreneur. If you are feeling stuck in business, in life or in your relationships, I will quickly identify the root problems (with my laser focus that has been fine-tuned due to my legal expertise) that are keeping you stuck, what mindset is keeping you stuck and give you action steps, coaching and guidance to get you unstuck, so you can get what you want. If you are done with making the same mistakes, doing the same shit over and over and getting the same unwanted results, than I am your woman.

I provide my legal expertise to help entrepreneurs protect what they love most. I provide the legal structures, forms and contracts that they need to keep their business safe. You need to create safety and structure for your business through legal preparation, just get it in writing and protect yourself. In other words.. get over your shit and stop avoiding or procrastinating what needs to be done and just do it. Simple as that. Do yourself a favor and give yourself that peace of mind and legal protection that you need and deserve and I make it affordable and accessible to any entrepreneur.

My goal is to change the way law is practiced. I offer a holistic approach to law. I am about person and the problem, not the billable hours. I want to serve you and get you where you want to go both legally and in your life and business and I will be brutally honest with you, even if it hurts. I help you make decisions based upon what is best for you and your business and life as a whole. I take care of you, your best interests and what you love most. Ready to be part of my tribe?

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